作者:華曉玫  May Hua




本書分為時尚是一種生活態度;剝開時尚糖衣•文化創意湧現;時尚與藝術的邂逅;當顏色形成風尚四單元,以20個篇章傳達台灣資深媒體人近20年的時尚觀察,以及豐富的國際採訪經驗,包括法國Repetto老闆Gaucher、時尚頑童Walter van Beirendonck等等,將時尚與生活的創意連結,以及手工、慢運和全球暖化議題在步調快速的時尚圈形成的演化。

  日本Yohji Yamamoto說過「一件外套展開一個人生」、歌德也說「Make a better future by widening the elements of the past.」傳達出時尚不一定是生活必需品,但多數人的生活中,絕對適用隱含在時尚面貌下的全方位生活態度。本書還規劃了文化創意探索之旅:造訪時尚品牌博物館包括LV私家博物館、Baccarat水晶玻璃博物館、Chanel創辦人生活空間博物館、Ferragamo鞋子博物館、Dunhill私家博物館等。還有紙上時尚旅館之旅:米蘭CORSO COMO10、杜拜Amani酒店與渡假村、馬德里Puerta America飯店。



A collection of 20 articles recounts the fashion observations over the past two decades of Taiwan media personalities. In four sections – Fashion as Attitude; Strip Off the Candy Coating and Culture Comes Pouring Out; When Fashion Runs into Art; and When Colour Becomes Fashion – the book includes interviews with celebrities like Repetto boss Jean-Marc Gaucher or postpunk bad boy Walter van Beirendonck and explores the creative linkage between fashion and lifestyle and the evolution driven in fashion circles by such disparate issues as hand-craftsmanship, slow shipping and global warming.

Yohji Yamamoto once said that “an overcoat can open up your life” while Goethe admonished us to “make a better future by widening the elements of the past”, which tell us that fashion is perhaps not indispensable, but there is no doubt that many people conceal broad hints as to their attitudes towards life under the cloak of what they wear. This book also provides a tour of creativity, visiting the private museums of designer Louis Vuitton, crystal-maker Baccarat, the House of Chanel, Ferragamo and Dunhill, and takes a look at the most fashionable of hotels as well, visiting 10 Corso Como in Milan, the Amani resort in Dubai and Madrid’s own unique Puerta America.





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